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Welcome to Pretime Tax

Tax planning implies reducing the tax liability by invoking beneficial tax laws. Tax planning encompasses many different aspects, such as logical analysis of a financial situation, planning from a tax perspective, to reduce tax liability through the finest use of all accessible allowances, exclusions, deductions, exemptions.

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Our Services

ITIN Guidance

An ITIN application is made by an individual using Form W-7. The specifications for reporting are largely the same as before.

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Individual filing

PreTime Tax assure 100% accuracy in Tax Preparation and all Tax Returns are prepared by only qualified professional(s)(PTIN Holders.

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Business Incorporation

We help you analyse, develop and track processes and controls of your tax feature. Like a corporation, the SCORP is a corporate flow.

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Tax Preparation

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Tax Planning & Advisory

Tax planning is a powerful method that you can use to save tax dollars and build wealth. One is when we measure the revenue and deductions

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FBAR & FATCA Processing

U.S. taxpayers, whether a resident for tax purposes, a permanent resident or a citizen, are required by law to disclose all gross foreign income on their U.S. tax return

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